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Welcome to Bali Cigarettes

Bali Cigarettes.Com is a REAL and LEGAL online store for GENUINE cigarettes from Indonesia.
We started this business in 1995 by opening a small outlet in Legian Kuta. Then around November 2011 we started selling cigarettes online through internet.

The famous brands of local cigarettes are: Djarum BlackSampoerna A MildGudang Garam SuryaDji Sam SoeBentoel BiruIn MildU MildClavo PremioStar MildTali JagatHalim and many others. While International brands of cigarettes are: MarlboroPall MallDunhillCamelMeviusLucky StrikeBohem, etc.
We will continue adding new other brands available in the market.

Our cigarettes are LEGAL, GENUINE and are manufactured by PT Bentoel InternasionalPT DjarumPT Gudang GaramPT Karya Dibya MahardikaPT Nojorono Tobacco InternationalPT Pura Perkasa JayaPT HM SampoernaPT Wismilak Inti MakmurBritish American Tobacco and Philip Morris.

We have gained a full trust to sell both International and local brands cigarettes as we always meet and comply with all regulations regarding the sale of cigarettes to be cumsumed locally and internationally. 

The cigarettes are sell on this website for personal consumption only and you must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase cigarettes from Bali Cigarettes.Com. Please also visit other pages on this site contain our terms & conditionsshippingreturn policypaymentFAQs. etc

All brands of cigarettes produced in Indonesia have a very distinctive flavor as it made of super quality Indonesian tobacco and cloves which has been known throughout the world for thousands of years.

Please take your time to visit the rest of our website for all cigarettes you needs. If you could not find the brand you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We welcome any request for any brands available in Indonesia.

To gain a full access to our catalog you required to create an account with us.
You will incure NO FEE associated with registering and we require NO COMMITMENT to purchase anything through us.

Registering with us only takes a minute, and with our secure login and registration pages, your information is 100% secured. By creating an account at Bali Cigarettes.Com you will be able to view prices, get updates on a new product, printing invoices, editing your account information and reviewing past orders.

To sign up an account please click here, or if you already have an account with us please login at the login page.

Bali Cigarettes.Com is designed to make your shopping easier and more convenient.
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We sell genuine cigarettes from Indonesia like djarum black, gudang garam, sampoerna, dji sam soe, wismilak and many other brands.